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The Chinese Community in Glasgow

According to 2011 Census, the Chinese community was the second-largest minority ethnic group in Glasgow, the Chinese population within Glasgow City Council area had increased from 3867 residents in 2001 to 10,689 residents in 2011. The Chinese community has long been regarded as a ‘silent’ community. People from Chinese community especially the older generation have rarely made request and complaints about any aspect of their lives mainly due to the language barrier and a reserved mentality. Therefore, the many problems confronting elderly people are multiplied for those who come from a minority background. The lack of English and the cultural differences, as well as different lifestyle and values, constitute a formidable barrier to full participation in local life. Many Chinese elderly experience loneliness, poverty and isolation which will lead a negative impact on their health and well-being.

Left to right: Jaime, Sharon, Sam, Amy, Ka Ming, Alistair
Left to right: Jaime, Sharon, Sam, Amy, Ka Ming, Alistair

Who are we?

Wing Hong exists to promote equal opportunities for the Chinese elders in accessing various social, health, welfare and housing services. The purpose of Wing Hong is to improve the health and well-being of the Chinese elderly who live in the Glasgow area. The objectives are to enhance the quality of service users’ life by reducing loneliness and isolation, maintaining and improving their independence. The Centre also promotes healthy lifestyle choices and raising awareness of the needs of the Chinese elderly.

Wing Hong serves the needs of the members by combining the provision of daycare re-sources with community facilities where they can meet with other Chinese people. This allows them to have lunch together, organise various activities which enables the members to participate in the social, economic and cultural life of the city. Wing Hong also promotes good inter-generational relationships, where some of the activities involve the families of the service users. In some cases, our staff work closely with family members regarding major decisions such as admission to sheltered housing and nursing homes, terminal illness and long-term hospitalisation.

Currently, Wing Hong Centre remains to be the only day centre which caters specifically to the elderly Chinese four days a week in the West of Scotland. As the Chinese community is now widely distributed across Glasgow, our centre plays an important role in maintaining and improving community ties and spirit.

Board of Directors

Yat Tai Tsang – Chairwoman


Wan Hei Chan – Treasurer

 財政: 陳運喜 

Kwong Ming Yip – Adviser/Secretary

顧問/秘書: 葉光明  

Elim Ho –  Board Member


Chi Kang But-Board Member



Chief Executive Officer: Amy Li-Man

Health Care and Wellbeing Officer: Sharon Siu

Development Worker: Jaime Lee-Guenther

Administration Officer: Ka Ming Wong

Transport Officer: Alistair Bell

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