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The policy of Wing Hong Elderly Project is to provide equal opportunity for the elderly Chinese in access to various social, health, welfare and housing services. The Project offers elderly CHinese a complimentarty channel to mainstream service and care provision so that their specific needs can be met.

The project also networks with other ethnic minority projects to promote better understanding between communities and enlarge service provisions through shared resources.

From 1989 to 1996, Wing Hong had been using the Multi-cultural Centre at 21 Rose Street for gatherings and functions. On the 20th August 1996, the Centre moved to leased premises at Fleming House in Renfrew Street. Financial Assistance was offered by the Social Work Department and a substantial amount of refurbishment costs was also raised from the wider Chinese Community throughout the West of Scotland. The Centre provided for both the Chinese Day Care Project of NW Area3 and the Wing Hong Project. The Centre was registered in compliance with the Council's regulations and was equipped with disabled facilities.

Dure to the expiry of the lease of the premises at Fleming House, we had a hard time looking for a new place to settle down. In January 2005, we finally moved to our present premises.

Wing Hong is funded by the Glasgow City Council and also works closely with the NHS of Greater Glasgow.